Business Tools

ACR Consultancy can provide any number of applications tailored to your business’ specific requirement. While the applications benefit from being completely customized, they can be interfaced with other systems the client may operate to provide a fully integrated solution.

All applications come with a Help function providing full user documentation.

Pricing Tools

Pricing Tools for both direct and indirect sales channels generating professional looking and accurate quotes have been one of ACR Consultancy’s core services since its inception in 2003. These are sales orientated applications that allow the user to generate a professional customer quote based on all the given rules and parameters for one or more products or services. All applications feature full security and can include any business approval schemes, e.g. finance department approval of high discounts.

ACR Consultancy created ABSAT for an international yacht sales company, allows the user to see all the options available for a particular model in a wizard style and customise the final specification. This version has interfaces to build customer contracts, statements and supplier purchase orders.

Return on Investment (ROI) Tools

These applications help the end customer appreciate the overall financial benefit in switching to a new service. Quite often these ROI tools run within a pricing tool reducing the amount of data keying. This has been of particular benefit to telecommunications customers explaining the benefits of Voice over IP versus traditional telephony.

Management Reporting

Reporting tools cover all aspects of the business from understanding the value of sales funnels and the impact on revenue to complete management dashboards depicting any trends to highlight any areas of excellence or concern. Quality reports ensure that more time is spent understanding the causes of variances to make informed management decisions and less on compiling data and building reports.

An ACR Consultancy reporting model, written for the world’s leading mobile devices manufacturer, allowed it’s Marketing department to project manage and report on all the marketing deliverables in launching new devices to the market

Order Management and Billing

ACR Consultancy can provide a completely customized billing system with an order management function.

An ACR Consultancy billing system allowed one customer to perform a complete bill run in a matter of minutes that previously took 2 people 3 days to perform manually.

Other Business Tools

Other customer-specific applications and databases can be designed to simplify business systems, thereby eliminating the need for investment in more expensive off-the-shelf software requiring extensive customisation.

An internet travel customer contracted ACR Consulting to write a custom database, management reporting and administration application that interfaced between the existing in-house internet bookings system and SAGE accounting package.