Business Services

Business development

ACR Consultancy has an extensive network of contacts which has helped customers to quickly enhance their product portfolio by partnering with other companies and to raise finance.

Development of pricing strategies

Practical experience in writing price strategies and structures is a core compentency of ACR Consultancy. Using this experience it has written the price strategy and price points for a global telecommunications company’s new IPVPN product set and various companies Voice over IP product set.

Market analysis and marketing collateral

ACR Consultancy has a strong background in conducting market analysis and producing marketing collateral for telecommunications companies. A complete set of collateral, including competitor analysis, was provided for a telecommunications service provider’s wholesale DSL product.

Project management

ACR Consultancy under took the project management of the implementation of new pricing software at one of its key customers. The customer’s commercial function wanted assistance in meeting the required IT documentation and ensuring that all business requirements were met by the system.