Business Planning

ACR Consulting provides Excel based business plans for start-ups seeking to raise venture capital. It has already helped companies in the telecommunications, internet television and leisure industries individually raise up to $15m. In addition to providing a full profit and loss, balance sheet and cashflow forecast, these models facilitate what-if analysis and the continual re-evaluation of key assumptions. E.g. the impact of changes in the market, ompetitive and regulatory environments, and customer and staff acquisition rates. All models feature outputs that facilitate the Comparison of actual versus budgeted performance and their continual Re-use for future business planning purposes.

Apart from the Excel model itself, ACR Consultancy can provide in-depth market research and statistics to support the feasibility and success potential of a business plan. Despite being essential, this is an often neglected aspect of a business plan and good example of the experience being consulted.

Full Venture Capital, Merger or Acquisition Plan

A complete model that also assesses market size and share, demand curves and sales productivity ramp ups.

Full business plans have been written for several VOIP operators, a fixed-mobile converged service operator and an internet television provider.
An engagement for a major Eastern European telco include development of a business model assessing the financial impact of consolidation of 3 national networks.

New Product or Channel Plan

This type of business plan assesses the profitability of a new service, considering any economies of scale.

ACR Consultancy wrote the Indirect Channel business plan for a one of Europe’s largest telecommunication provider’s SDH and VPN product portfolio.

ACR Consultancy wrote the business model for a leading South African telco to analyse the current market, future traffic growth and revenue opportunity for rich media content in Africa

Geographic Expansion Plan

This model reviews all the different competitive, technological and regulatory factors involved in geographic expansion.

A model, written by ACR Consultancy, for a World class telecommunications customer led them to review and execute their planned product rollout by country in a different order, thereby achieving faster sales.

Cost base and Profitability Analysis

An essential ingredient of business planning is ensuring the business has a complete understanding of its cost base, the drivers of costs and any associated breakpoints. With this knowledge a different price structure may need to be adopted to ensure optimum profitability.

Following one of these investigations at a large multinational client, ACR Consultancy found annual revenue of nearly £200k that had not been billed and $400k of costs that had been over charged by a supplier. Credits were negotiated and secured from the suppliers to have an immediate impact on both profit and cashflow.